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Sony adds the Xperia XZ Premium to the Open Devices program

Sony Mobile has just announced that it has added the Xperia XZ Premium to the Open Devices program, which would allow developers in order to cook up and flash their very own version of Android Nougat around the flagship smartphone.

The Open Devices program is targeted at developers, not at consumers, because the software provided can be unstable because of its early stage. Sony will offer those who wish to start creating AOSP for the Xperia XZ Premium with the required tools to build and test their particular custom ROMs.

You can access all the resources you need via our Open Devices page... Read more [...]
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Verizon to offer prepaid customers access to Our Verizon app starting June 28

Pre-paid customers with Verizon will be happy to know the Big Red will allow them to reap the benefits of using the My Verizon app starting June 28. A brand new and improved version of the application will be available to all Verizon clients later this week, the carrier announced today.

My Verizon app will allow prepaid customers to manage their plan details and check out all the details about data consumption, screens usage and more. The latest version of My Verizon will also enable customers to make payments, enroll in Auto Pay or add data or change a plan directly within the app.

There's... Read more [...]
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ten years ago, the Apple iPhone was on everyone’s tongue

On January 9th, 2007, Steve Jobs released the Apple iPhone. And as exciting since that was for many, it also meant waiting nearly half a year for the telephone to be released. The launch time of June 29th was circled on many a calendar, and in the days leading up to the actual launch, this seemed as though the iPhone was being talked about everywhere. One example of this, which you will discover in the video slideshow below, is an amusing clip put together by David Pogue, who now writes about tech for Yahoo.

Exactly 10-years ago tomorrow, the brand new York Times released a video showing how hard it was for... Read more [...]
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Score an unlocked LG V20 for just $354. 99 after checkout program code

With all the LG V30 expected to be unveiled soon, it is time for retailers plus carriers to start dumping LG V20 inventory before the value of the 2016 device drops too low. Over at auction site eBay, one seller has got the V20 offered at just $369. 99. Compared to the $549. 99 that Best Buy is selling the same design for, you can save $180 or 33% on the purchase of this handset. The system is unlocked and will work with GSM operators like T-Mobile and AT& T, and CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint.

But wait! You can save an additional $15 by using the checkout code PSUMMER15OFF. That brings the... Read more [...]
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Xiaomi Mi Max finally receiving the particular Android 7. 0 Nougat update

It's been more than a year since Chinese company Xiaomi arrived with the Mi Max, an major device that started a pattern in the smartphone industry, that of bezel-less handsets.

Unfortunately, the Mi Max was a Chinese extramarital relationship, as the large phone was barely available through official channels far away. On top of that, it took Xiaomi more than a year to provide those who purchased the particular Mi Max with an Android 7. 0 Nougat update.

Well, it appears that Xiaomi has lastly kicked off the roll-out of Google android 7. 0 Nougat for the Una Max, which is based on... Read more [...]
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Watch ABBYY TextGrabber Pro 6 lift text, phone numbers, links, and tackles straight from video & TV

Digital scanning powerhouse ABBYY's personality recognition app TextGrabber has been a good example of "black magic" mobile technology for a long period. If its ability to capture text from written pages failed to entertain you for some reason, check out what is at a the newly released version 6!

TextGrabber is now able to grab text from live video streams, entirely offline and with support pertaining to 61 languages. Of course , we do not get talking only articles or some type of long-form literature. Rather, TextGrabber nabs links, phone numbers, addresses (e-mail, world wide web, street), times and dates, as well as other... Read more [...]
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OnePlus videos show its new mobile phone charging faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8

Remember when the most important thing about smartphone batteries has been how long they lasted for? At that time, no one cared about how fast the battery would charge up. In the last 3 to 4 years, this has changed as producers started to realize that charging times were half of the equation. While Motorola offers its Turbo Charging, Qualcomm offers its QuickCharge technology integrated into its Snapdragon chipsets, and OnePlus has Dash Charge.

To demonstrate off how fast Dash Cost "does its thang, " OnePlus posted a couple of videos today displaying the barely out of the womb OnePlus 5 against the... Read more [...]
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OnePlus 5 Slate Gray vs Night time Black: which one to choose

The OnePlus 5 is here now in two undeniably badass, however confusingly similar color variants: Standing Gray and Midnight Black. Is not it curious why OnePlus would offer two versions of its telephone that are this similar? It turns out you will find a lot that separates Slate Grey from Midnight Black aside from the slight difference in shade. Here's what you should continue in mind when choosing which color to visit for...

1 . Colour difference between Slate Gray and Midnight Black
First factors first, let's look at the color distinction itself and think about what it means. Create no mistake: both OnePlus five color... Read more [...]
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Team in Colorado wants to prevent kids under 13 from owning a bought cellphone

Children under 13 would not be allowed to be the recipient of a purchased cellphone in Colorado under a proposed ballot measure backed by a group called Parents Against Underage Mobile phones. To make the 2018 ballot, the group will have to get 300, 000 voter signatures. Dr . Tim Farnum, an anesthesiologist in Denver, is leading the group. He says that he saw his own children having to deal with the effects of always needing to have a device held in their hands. A doctor said that his kids would get their mobile devices, lock themselves in their rooms, and it ended up changing their particular personalities.... Read more [...]
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This particular app-enabled Spiderman toy might make your kids pester you about it for days

App-enabled toys would be the modern day deployment of the remote control toys we craved so badly since children. They are also a way to have plenty of fun with your smartphone that does not involve downloading a bunch of games. Sphero, maker of affordable hi-tech playthings, has launched this pudgy, wise-cracking Spiderman toy that packs almost as much hardware in it as the Amazon . com Echo – and while it doesn't come with an omnipresent AI, it is voice-activated and highly interactive!

Spider-man's goggles have two LCD screens that let the little guy show moods and actions with lively animations. A built-in... Read more [...]